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REX4 Series, Stage V engines make their debut

by Giovanni M. Losavio
October 2021 | Back

Landini's most important innovations for EIMA International concern the emissions of the REX4 series engines. The Fabbrico-based company's flagship range features not only an engine upgrade to Stage V, but also a restyling of the bonnet and controls (even more ergonomic), and the introduction of new functions.

The series line-up includes the REX 4-080, 4-090, 4-100, 4-110 and 4-120 models, with power ranging from a minimum of 75 Hp to a maximum of 112, thanks to the new generation of Deutz 2.9-litre 4-cylinder, 16-valve, Turbo Intercooler engines with Common Rail electronic injection, which ensure improved performance in terms of torque reserve, power and fuel consumption.

As on previous models, these versions are also equipped with an Engine Memo Switch that quickly memorises and recalls the most suitable engine speed, thus speeding up the work.

As already mentioned, the engines are in line with Stage V emissions regulations thanks to the innovative system consisting of a DPF particulate filter with passive regeneration, DOC oxidation catalyst and the SCR EAT system.

The configurations available on the transmission range from the Speed Four with 12 AV + 12 RM with mechanical reverse shuttle, to the 48 AV + 16 RM Robo-Shift version with electro-hydraulic reverse shuttle and fully robotized HML, which is easily controlled by an ergonomic and intuitive joystick that gathers all the controls needed to manage operations.

Available with both cab and platform, the REX4 tractors also stand out for their high level of traction in the field and perfect comfort on the road, also thanks to the configuration with suspended cab and front axle (the latter is also available on the platform version).

Driving comfort is further enhanced by the ADS (Advanced Driving System), which can be combined with self-driving and telemetry systems.

The front axle, manufactured at the Argo Tractors factories, is equipped with a limited-slip differential lock as standard, with electro-hydraulically engaged dual traction.

This ensures great efficiency when using front-mounted implements, which can be installed directly on the ballast support or, as an option, can be moved using the front power lift, which is fully integrated with the bodywork and front PTO.

The large axle oscillation, combined with the 55 degree steering angle, makes the models very manoeuvrable.

The availability of a chassis designed specifically for ventral applications further enhances the versatility of the REX4 range.

Another plus of this range is the extended service intervals which, thanks to the use of high quality oils, allow the service hours to be doubled (from five hundred to 1,000) with a significant reduction in costs and downtime.

The versatility of the REX4 models is guaranteed by the open-centre hydraulic circuit, equipped with a 30 litre per minute pump for steering, which ensures easy manoeuvring even during work operations, and a 58 litre per minute pump for service management.

A third pump is also available in tandem with the service pump, allowing a flow rate of 55 litres per minute at just 1,500 engine revolutions. Optional spool valves can be added to the basic equipment for a total of 4 rear and 3 ventral, and a fully electro-hydraulic configuration is also available.

REX 4 tractors have an unladen weight of between 2,600 and 3,200 kg (for the cab version), with a maximum permissible mass of 5,250 kg, a wheelbase of 2,140 mm (2,190 mm for the V version), and a minimum width of 1,000 mm (V).

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