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Series 4 and Series REX3 F by Landini, performance and manoeuvring agility

by Giovanni M. Losavio
October - November 2020 | Back

In the EDP's virtual spaces, the spotlight is on Landini's Series 4 Stage V, a range made up of light and efficient tractors that stand out for their comfort and are aimed at small to medium sized farms. The three models in the range (61, 68 and 75 horsepower) are powered by 4-cylinder, 16-valve Kohler engines, with Turbo Intercooler and Common Rail electronic injection. These are particularly efficient engines which, thanks to their high torque performance, deliver more power with lower fuel consumption. The innovative EGR Exhaust Gas Recirculation system associated with the DPF particulate filter and the DOC oxidation catalyst - together with the Engine Memo Switch system that stores and quickly recalls the engine rpm - contribute to keeping fuel consumption low. Top level performance, and more. One of the strengths of Series 4 is driving comfort, thanks to the Total View Slim cab, designed in an automotive style. Among the benefits: the transparent lowered Slim roof, the flat floor, the air conditioning, the soundproofing, the dashboard attached to the steering wheel and the ergonomic controls. The latter make it easy to use all the tools, such as the new POWERSHUTTLE 12 FWD + 12 REV transmission, with hydraulic reverse shuttle on the steering wheel, and 24 FWD + 24 REV with HI-LO and mechanical reverse shuttle. Series 4 is also prized for its traction capacity, manoeuvrability (the steering angle is 55°) and stability in all working conditions, which translate into optimal road grip during transfers (the front axle has the limited slip locking system differential and double traction with electro-hydraulic engagement).

The REX3 F range is also in the spotlight. Already a finalist in the 2021 edition of the Tractor of the Year in the "best of specialized" category, this line (three models with 55, 68 and 75 horsepower respectively) sees the debut of a new engine - strictly Stage V - with a new design for the hood and a new cab, with the option of choosing the Low Profile model. As regards the propulsion system, Landini's choice fell on the 2.5-litre 4-cylinder Kohler which, like the Series 4 engines, are managed using the Engine Memo Switch button, thus optimizing fuel consumption. However, the real highlight of the Rex3 F range are the compact dimensions, ideal for working in orchards: pitch 1,950 mm; minimum ground clearance 213 mm; external width from 1,350 mm to 1,710 mm; minimum height of the steering wheel from the ground of 1,256 mm; weight without ballast 2,200 kg. The features of great compactness are also found on the Low Profile cab equipped with a unibody structure, 1.16 m wide at the base, which reduces down to 0.86 m at the roof level, with a minimum overall height from the ground of 1.87 m, to avoid damaging the foliage, while ensuring maximum comfort for the operator. Conceived for professionals working in vineyards and orchards, the hydraulic circuit offers 30 litres/min for the steering and 50 litres/min for the distributors (up to a maximum of 3 with the option to bring an output also at the front). It also offers support to the mechanically controlled rear hydraulic lift and ELS (Ergonomic Lift System), with suspension system and a capacity of 2,700 kg and bi-adjustable rear arms. The transmission operates via a mechanical reverse shuttle, and with a creeper it offers 16 speeds forward and 16 reverse speeds, in a speed range from 0.4 to 40 km/h, while the electro-hydraulic engagement front axle offers a 55° steering angle. Lastly, the 20-inch rear wheels (for the GE version) and 24-inch rear wheels (for the F versions) also mount Waffle-type wheels, capable of withstanding high loads, always guaranteeing the best possible concentricity between the rim and the tyre to minimize vibrations, maximizing comfort during road transfers while carrying equipment.



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