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The FHP Plus chopper, an innovation signed by Kverneland

by the editorial staff
March - April 2014 | Back

The Kverneland Group is extending its broad chopper range to meet the needs of contractors dealing with road maintenance work and full field agriculture. The FHP Plus is a new side pivoting chopper based on an advanced system of mounting on an articulated boom by a sturdy hitch, The FHP Plus model, with a work width of 2.3 meters, is a multi-purpose and extremely versatile chopper which ensures optimum performance in all work conditions. The chopper is rounded to provide excellent vision of the work area and great maneuverability is provided by the robust joints. The external location of the box gives the chopper an extended range while ensuring safety for the operator. The transmission is based on a multiplier with an integrated free wheel (up to 150 Hp) and two lateral pulleys that drive five belts. An automatic belt tensioner ensures a constant transmission of power to the rotor. Coming as standard equipment is a PTO double-wide shaft for achieving better performance and comfort while working. The FHP Plus is also equipped with new-generation rotors with a large diameter of 450 mm which, thanks to their precise balance and high rotation speed at 1998 r.p.m., provide excellent performance in all conditions with low power requirements. The Norwegian group, always extremely attentive to the construction details, has designed a number of devices for enhancing performance, operator comfort and the durability of the FHP Plus. While the slides and the rear roller allow the chopper to follow the terrain more closely, the counter-knife and counter-comb increase the quality of the cut. An important safety device is the accumulator which prevents damage due to collision with obstacles by automatically pivoting the FHP Plus out of he way when necessary. 


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