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Versatility and comfort for the Rex3 F series

by the editorial staff
June 2020 | Back

New version for Landini's Rex3 F Series, now Stage V-powered. New engines and a change of look, with a new hood profile and the possibility of installing a Low Profile cab. This restyling led the new series to be nominated for the Tractor of the Year 2021 award, in the "best of specialized" category. Rex 3 offers three powers for the 4-cylinder 2.5-litre Kohler engine, with 55, 68 and 75 horsepower. The engine rpm is managed with the Engine Memo Switch button, which allows you to quickly record and recall the settings when switching between various operations. The strength of the Rex3 F tractors is their versatility, which finds its maximum expression with the installation of the Low Profile cab.
This comes with a single-body structure 1.16 metres wide at the base, which decrease to 86 cm at roof level, for an overall height of 1.87 m from the ground, protecting the foliage and ensuring operator comfort. This comfort factor is made evident by the wide door opening for ease of access, the tilting steering wheel, the multifunctional dashboard, the absence of levers on the central tunnel, the air conditioning circuit, and the optional rear view camera.
The cab offers maximum visibility in lateral operations, on sloping ground, and in greenhouse cultivations. Manoeuvrability and ease of use are also found in the factory option of the front lift, with a maximum capacity of 1,000 kg, and in the geometry of the under-cab frame designed specifically for installing various underside equipment.
Versatility and comfort make it a tractor built around the operator's needs: the transmission operates via a mechanical reverse shuttle, and with creeper it offers 16 forward speeds and 16 reverse speeds, in a speed range from 0.4 to 40 km/h. The front axle with electrohydraulic engagement, produced in the Argo Tractors factories, offers a steering angle of 55°.
The 20-inch rear wheels (for the GE version) and 24-inch rear wheels (for the F versions) also mount Waffle-type wheels, capable of withstanding high loads, always guaranteeing the best possible concentricity between the rim and the tyre to minimize vibrations. Lastly, the Landini Fleet Management system can be installed on the Rex3 F, providing telemetry data, remote diagnostics, efficient integration with the after-sales system, a direct connection with the technical support department, and a reduction in downtime for maintenance, in addition to a priority lane for the operator to maximize farm operations.



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