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EIMA 2018, the great agricultural machinery event

The layout is almost completed for assigning stands to the manufacturing industries exhibiting, now arriving for the trade fair confirmed as a global pinnacal for the huge array of quality technologies. Exhibitors from 49 countries and business people from 150 countries are expected to come to underscore the international standing of the event prepared for a public of visitors certain to exceed the record number registered for the most recent edition

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Planning for the 43rd edition of EIMA International running from November 7 to 11 in Bologna is close to complete. In fact, FederUnacoma Surl, the organizing company, has finished the layout for the exposition of the various merchandise categories in the trade fair pavilions and assigned the stands for the exhibiting industries, now up 1,930. A few alterations of the floor plans will make it possible to accommodate some of the companies on the waiting list, expected to reach requests from 200 industries unable to take part in the event due to the lack of exhibition space. The BolognaFiere quarters feature 340,000 square meters and provides 150 square meters for locating products and technologies on exhibit to commit the maximum area for the international review, one of the world’s largest in the sector of agricultural, forestry, groundskeeping mechanization and associated components. For this year’s edition the organizers have pointed out that improvements have made for the quality of the exposition space thanks to the new pavilions 28-29 and 30 assigned to machinery for plant treatment, harvesting, soil preparation and the conservation of products as well as machinery for the agrarian industries as the first step for furthering the Bologna trade fair restructuring project to continue in the coming years leading to include the construction of four new pavilions and a total requalification of structure now in place and outside areas. Statistical data indicate an increase in expositions abroad up to 610 staged in 49 countries. Many of the manufacturing industries are arriving in Bologna from Europe, 69 from Germany, 49 from France and 66 from Spain and also from other countries around the world, 27 industries from the United States, 27 from India and 141 from China with an immense array of products covering more than a thousand merchandise categories. The technologies coming to EIMA International will be located in 14 sectors of specialization and the 6 special salons, EIMA Components, EIMA Green, EIMA Idrotech, EIMA Energy, EIMA Digital and EIMA M.i.A. The largest sector represented will be made up of as many as 990 components manufacturers followed by more than 300 companies in the sector of gardening and the maintenance of greenery. Also significant will be the arrival of exhibitors in the new EIMA Idrotech Salon totally dedicated to technologies for irrigation and the management of water resources bringing in 250 industries for the first edition of this salon. A large number of business people, farmers and mechanization technicians are expected for the coming EIMA 2018 and the organizers are convinced that the record number of visitors, 285,000 from 150 countries registered for the 2016 edition, will again be confirmed or actually exceeded.

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