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EIMA 2022, the events on the programme

As the event approaches, the calendar of events and thematic in-depth analyses taking place over the five days from 9 to 13 November takes shape. The 45th edition of the Bologna event promises to be very rich in content: in the foreground, in addition to workshops, conventions and technical seminars, major political issues and scenario analyses. The climate emergency and 4.0 technologies will also be at the centre of the exhibition

by the editorial staff
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he organisational machine of EIMA International, the world exhibition of agricultural machinery that this year holds its 45th edition in Bologna, from 9 to 13 November, is in full swing. In these very days the offices of FederUnacoma, the association of agricultural machinery manufacturers that is the direct organiser of the event, are fine-tuning the packed calendar of themed events that have always punctuated the five days of the exhibition. The Bologna event offers the broadest showcase of technologies for the primary sector, and also represents the natural venue for promoting a wide-ranging debate on the salient themes for the world of agriculture and related industry. 

Even now, just over two months before the turnstiles are opened, the programme of the next EIMA appears to be packed with content including press conferences, conventions, exhibitions in the demo area, seminars and workshops. In the foreground, as always, political and economic issues relating to the development of the agro-mechanical sector, which will be the focus of the press conference presenting the event, scheduled for Tuesday 8 November at 17:30. The meeting will be an opportunity to take stock of world and national agricultural machinery market trends, with an analysis of possible short and medium-term trends. Political and economic scenarios will be discussed again on Wednesday 9 November at 16:00, with geopolitical analyst Dario Fabbri, who will open a window on the military conflict between Ukraine and Russia, and the consequences for the agricultural sector and the agro-mechanical industry.

But the next edition of EIMA also represents an important opportunity for discussion with politicians and representatives of institutions - delegations of European and Italian parliamentarians will be present in Bologna - who are called upon to define and implement industry policies. These policies must take into account not only economic factors, linked to the broader geopolitical context, but must also face structural crises, such as the one caused by global warming. As is well known, the increase in temperature over vast areas of the planet, associated with a significant reduction in rainfall, is depleting the water resources of many countries and putting pressure on their agricultural systems. Precisely for this reason, the climate emergency, which will be a central issue for the primary sector in the coming years, is, together with technological innovation, one of the strong themes of the Bologna exhibition. Various meetings have been set up on this topic, from the workshop on "Climate change: risk management", promoted by FederUnacoma and Agia/CIA, to the seminar entitled "Sustainable use of water - EUWAY project" also organised by AGIA/CIA, and the conference on "The challenge of water. Accessible technologies for developing countries" organised by FederUnacoma/CEFA.

The digitalisation of mechanical vehicles, the spread of precision agriculture, and the new frontier of automation and artificial intelligence are already contributing to the sustainable exploitation of natural resources. Many are the in-depth events organised at EIMA International on these themes. Digital technologies and language systems are the leitmotif of the meeting promoted on Friday 11 November by the Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation (AEF), while the meeting organised by the Agricultural Robotics Association (FIRA) on Thursday 10 November will take stock of the state of the art of highly automated systems for agriculture. Agriculture 4.0 will also be discussed at the meeting of the Smart Agrifood Observatory, which, also on Thursday 10 November, will take stock of the spread of digital technology in the agricultural and agrifood supply chain.

Equally technological is also the awarding of the Tractor of the Year 2023, scheduled for Wednesday, 9 November. As is well known, the Tractor of the Year, organised by Trattori magazine, is an international award assigned by a jury of specialised journalists, who are called upon to evaluate the best tractors on the European market in relation to a set of parameters. During the five days of EIMA International, the finalist models will parade in the impressive outdoor demo area, specially set up between halls 35 and 37. Two appointments will be held daily: the first at 11:00, the second at 16:00. Another appointment worthy of note at the Bologna exhibition will be the "Contractor of the Year" award ceremony promoted by "Il Contoterzista" magazine, scheduled for Friday 11 November at 14:30. A completely new event at EIMA 2022 is "Garden E-motion", promoted by Comagarden in collaboration with DemoGreen srl, consisting of a programme of demonstration tests of vehicles and equipment for gardening and landscaping, set up in an open-air area inside the exhibition centre and focusing on different types of vehicles.

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