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Flowered towns at EIMA 2016

The Miss Municipalities in Flower and the Municipality in Flower in Italy awards were presented at the competition held during the agricultural and gardening machinery exposition. The multi-color event brought to mind that gardening machinery and equipment are instruments becoming ever more perfected to achieving green culture at all levels

by the editorial staff
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The great event of Bologna, that traditionally dedicates a special attention to the sector of gardening and maintenance of green areas in the specialized EIMA Green Salon, hosted the "Miss Communities in Flower" beauty contest and "Communities in Flower" competition. On November 12, took place the beauty contest organized by ASPROFLOR, the Italian Association of Flower Nurseries that aims to promote street furniture, passion for plants, and beauty in all its forms.

More than 1,000 visitors participated in the event. Maria Trofimciuc from Terruggia (AL) was elected Miss Communities in Flower 2016. With her on the podium the runners-up Felicia Salvo and Carlotta Avidano.

Special ribbons were awarded to Eleonora Toncini (Miss Elegance), Valentina Frandi (Miss Likable), Felicia Salvo (Miss Smile) and Samanta Fontana (Miss Feng Shui). The godmother of the event and president of the jury was Roberta Morise, the master of ceremonies of the Rai TV program Easy Driver and the two MCs for the competition were Rai journalist Camilla Nata, representing Life Live, and fashion and costume journalists Grazia Pitorri, a contributor of the publications Eva3000, Stop, Ora and 

Along with the Miss competition, EIMA also staged the Municipalities in Flower contest which drew 135 contestants selected from among the cities and smaller municipalities which entered. Following the past format, prizes were awarded in four categories, villages, small towns, major cities and tourist attractions. The award ceremony was held in the Europa Auditorium in the Centro dei Congressi.

The members of the evaluation committee had their work cut out for them with travel over the entire summer throughout Italy, north and south and east and west for appraisals of the work performed by the municipal administrations in the running with the enthusiastic commitment of their residents and volunteers.

Welcoming the contestants and crowds of visitors for the event was the Italy in Flower Bamboo Garden, a 50 m2installation set up by the Asproflor florist association outside the EIMA M.i.A. salon, specialized in Multi-Functional Agriculture and creating opportunities for young farmers.

Renzo Marconi, the president of Asproflor-Municipalities in Flower, declared, “Our initiatives and commitment are aimed at public administrations on the need for greater care of the greenery in cities and that flowers make our Italy more welcoming. Out ideals are summed up in the motto Flowering is Welcoming.”

The vice president of Asproflor-Municipalities in Flower, Sergio Ferraro, said, “In a time when green, sustainable, and  quality of life are passwords for society Asproflor with its members and collaborators have for years disseminating the culture of flowers, greenery and what is beautiful, organizing for the occasion time for dealings of experts, professionals, administrations with a conference on the issues “Many actors for single spectacle: greenery for quality of life and tourism in our cities and interior areas of the Bel Paese”. 

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