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Garden Pro, an all-round tire

by the editorial staff
July - August - September 2020 | Back

Alliance introduces five new sizes (480/70R30, 380/70R20, 260/70R18, 480/70R28, and 340/ 85R28) for the Galaxy Garden Pro radial structure tires suitable for the small and medium-sized utility tractor segment for working in orchards, vineyards, gardens, and landscaping. Altogether, the Garden Pro series is available in 23 sizes - compatible with rims from 12 to 30 inches - and is suitable for both front and rear axles of the tractor. The Galaxy Garden Pro, in addition to its state-of-the-art tread pattern and tread depth, provides excellent traction and reduces the impact on the soil and crop at the same time. The rounded, open shoulder enhances this “ softness”. The innovative footprint of these tires results from a high number of crampons, a perpendicular angle towards the center, and an open, smooth channel. The driving comfort, excellent self-cleaning properties, and long service life make the Galaxy Garden Pro a model for professional use with multiple possibilities, from turf maintenance to inter-row use, from orchards to harder soils, and for heavier work such as transporting crops and materials.


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