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Massey Ferguson, complete and innovative range

The most innovative Massey Ferguson tractor precision farming innovations put in strong appearances in trial demonstrations on the Casalina di Deruta farm. On show were the versatility of the professional MF 7700 and the agile MF 6700 S built by the U.S. manufacturer with a wide range of solutions for all types of operations

by Giovanni M. Losavio
July - August - September 2017 | Back

Massey Ferguson was one of the leading players at the EIMA Show with a great showing of some of the manufacturer’s most successful tractor models. Opening the way was the MF 7700 Series designed specifically for professional farmers and offering a long list of power, transmission, cab and hydraulic choices. The models in this series are powered by AGCO Power Tier 4 Final 6.6 liter, 6-cylinder SCR engines which reduce fuel consumption and are equipped with electronic engine and transmission management and Optimized Common Rail providing maximum torque and engine power. Furthermore, Engine Power Management (EPM) provides more power, up to 25 Hp more for PTO implements and transport. For the MF 7700 transmissions which ensure longer maintenance intervals, Massey Ferguson is using, other than the robust Powershift, Dyna-4 and Dyna-6 user-friendly continuously variable versions. The MF 7700s also ensures a great loading capacity with hydraulics with a flow rate of up to 190 liters/m. The MF 8700 Series groups five models powered at 270 to 400 Hp. These multi-functional tractors come with EPM as standard equipment for operations ranging from plowing and deep subsoiling to the transport of heavy loads on the road. They also feature the Dyna-continuous variable transmissions and new generation AGCO Power engines, an ideal combination for easily coping with the heaviest work. For control and comfort Dynamic Tractor Management (DTM) automatically controls the engine and transmission for great fuel efficiency. A noteworthy option is the AGCO Fuse Technologies, an intelligent satellite drive system designed for the most advanced applications for precision farming.  The MF 6700 S Series brings together all the benefits of a compact 4-cylinder engine and the agility of a small tractor with power for towing and the capability of 6-cylinder sprint for lifting. The MF 6718 S is a perfect choice for an end-user requiring power of up to 200 Hp and a compact build with good maneuverability. Massey Ferguson has equipped all the MF 6700 S tractors with Tier 4 Final low fuel consumption engines and EPM. As for the MF 7700 models, the choice of transmission extends from the Dyna-4 to the Dyna VT continuously variable. For the hydraulics there are two options, the Load-Sensing system with a closed center valve system for the MF 6713 S and MF 6718 S models with a flow rate of 110 liters/m and Load-Sensing with a rate of 190 liters/m for lifting up to 9600 kilograms for more complicated applications.   The MF 4700 is a Massey Ferguson winner series for reliability, strength and limited fuel consumption. These tractors are equipped with totally new innovative mesh transmissions with two ranges for 12 forward speeds and 12 in reverse, the hydraulics are open center plants with two pumps and gears. One with a flow rate of 27 liters/m runs inside components and another, electronically activated, with a rate of 65 liters/m works the rear lift with a load capacity of 3000 kilograms. Power for the MF 4709 is provided by a 95 Hp 3-cylinder, 3-liter AGCO Power All in One, that is, with compact SCR, a feather in the Massey Ferguson cap.  The MF 5700 SL Series. AGCO Power with All in One technology and the reliable Dyna-4 and Dyna-6 semi-Powershift transmissions are on the calling cards of these models packed with Massey Ferguson innovative technologies. A strong point for the MF 5700 SL tractors is excellent visibility for the operator thanks to the intelligent design with a stepnose hood and efficient drive lines. Another is outstanding lift capacity due to dual coupled pumps for a flow rate of 100 liters/m or an optional Load-Sensing at 110 liters/m. Of course, also the MF 5700 tractors come with IsoBus systems and Auto Guide 3000.



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