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Massey Ferguson's flagship 7S Series

by Giovanni M. Losavio
December 2021 | Back

Massey Ferguson completes the 7S range with a top-level model. This is the flagship MF 7S.210, a 210hp tractor powered by a robust 6.6 litre, 210hp AGCO Power engine which - according to the manufacturer - stands out for its high power levels and concentrated torque (maximum of 860 Nm). The engine is equipped with EPM (Engine Power Management) technology, which automatically increases power up to 220 Hp and torque up to 925 Nm (1,500 rpm) in transport operations, PTO work and all situations with high hydraulic demand. The lively engine, long wheelbase (2.88 metres) and optimum traction - explains the manufacturer - allow the tractor to transport heavy loads on the road without affecting fuel consumption, while the special power-to-weight ratio ensures manoeuvrability (turning radius of just 4.93 metres) and a light footprint during field operations. The long wheelbase also helps to increase traction and stability, which can be further improved by fitting 42" rear tyres that reduce ground pressure. Massey Ferguson's Dyna-VT ECO continuously variable transmission provides continuous and customisable speed variation, reaching 40 kilometres per hour at just 1,450 rpm. Dyna-VT ECO features a new mode that offers smoother operation and greater economy as it automatically sets the optimum engine speed according to load and speed. The various tractor functions are controlled by the operator via the Multipad lever and the control armrest attached to the seat. The easy-to-use, ISOBUS-compatible controller puts all the controls at the operator's fingertips, including the linkage rocker switch, cruise settings, driving mode presets and MF steering activation. Massey Ferguson's engineers have also put the finishing touches on the Datatronic 5 terminal, which comes in an updated version with a 9" touchscreen (brighter and clearer to reduce glare) that features high colour definition and a black background for ease of use by the operator. Another highlight of Massey Ferguson's flagship model is the cab, which has a new, more efficient air conditioning system, while the air suspension seat and DDS (Dynamic Damping System) with lateral stability suspension that adapts to the morphology of the terrain further enhance the livability of the cabin. The neo-retro design is also new with a new interpretation of the iconic grey MF sabre stripe down the side and a collar motif that dates back to the MF 100 Series. The narrow, 'wasp waist' bonnet improves visibility, while the shaping works with the sculpted chassis to allow the wheels to turn tightly for optimum manoeuvrability. "In the 200hp bracket, we offer a choice of the compact but powerful MF 7S.210 Series or the larger chassis MF 8S Series with a heavy load. At the same time," says Thierry Lhotte, Vice President and Managing Director of Massey Ferguson, Europe and Middle East, commenting on the debut of the top of the range, "a choice of Efficient or Exclusive specifications helps users to tailor the tractor to their specific needs.”


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