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MF8S tractors: ergonomics, power and more traction

by Giovanni M. Losavio
July - August - September 2020 | Back

Time for news at Massey Ferguson, where the MF 8S series tractors make their debut. The manufacturer aims for these four models to raise the standards of quality and performance in the medium power segment. Available in ranges from 205 to 265 horsepower, in addition to 20 additional horsepower supplied by the EPM system for towing, hydraulic and PTO applications, the MF 8S tractors feature many construction ideas of particular interest.

Protect U cab. This is one of the points of pride of the new line of machines. The first innovation introduced by the American multinational concerns the distance from the engine: the 28 centimetres that separate it from the engine isolate the driver’s seat from noise (just 28 dB), heat and vibrations. In addition to the ergonomic Control Centre armrest, other pluses of the Protect U cab include the spaciousness (3.4 m2) and the wide work area view. This is made possible by a glass surface which, by repositioning the dashboard - which has been replaced by the MF vDisplay digital terminal located on the right pillar - now reaches 6.6 m2.

Strong torque for the new 7.4 litre engines. The MF 8S tractors are powered by the new 7.4-litre 6-cylinder Agco Power Stage V engines that deliver more power and higher torque at lower rpm. “The maximum power - explains the manufacturer in a technical note - is achieved at 1000 rpm and remains constant up to 1500, resulting in lower fuel consumption and noise”. The emission control is entrusted to selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology with SC anti-particulate catalyst. This technology renders superfluous both the diesel particulate filter and the variable geometry turbocharger. Another strong point of these models is the distance of the engine from the cab. The solution adopted by Massey Ferguson has an impact not only on the liveability of the passenger compartment, but also on the air intake system, which is cleaner because it is aspirated by the centre of the tractor, i.e. behind the engine.

Dyna E-Power, a transmission that “works for two”. The dual clutch Dyna E-Power combines the advantages of continuously variable transmissions with those of mechanical transmissions, which are particularly efficient in transmitting power. According to the manufacturer, compared to the previous model Dyna 6, the Dyna E-Power is able to increase operating efficiency by 26% (at maximum speed) and cut fuel consumption by 10%. The dual-clutch technology, on the other hand, makes it possible to anticipate changes (four ranges with seven gears) and to carry them out without interruption. But that’s not all, because Dyna E-Power allows you to adjust the speed and aggressiveness of the fully automatic transmissions, to better adaptat to the operating conditions and the type of work to be carried out. As an alternative to the Dyna E-Power, the user can opt for the Dyna 7, an evolution of the Dyna 6 transmission, offering an extra powershift gear.

Power and traction with a wheelbase of 3.05 metres. Characterized by a 3.05 metre wheelbase, which offers stability and greater tractive power (+10%), the MF 8S tractors have a renewed rear axle, high durability, and is compatible with tyres with a maximum diameter of 2.95 metres. The rear axle, on the other hand, is equipped with a standard suspension that reduces the manoeuvring radius to 5.7 metres. Finally, the rear lift offers top performance (the capacity is 10 tonnes), as does the closed-centre hydraulic system with 150 l/min discharge sensor (the 205 l/min one is optional), capable of handling even the largest and most demanding equipment with ease.




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