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Year 2020 Number 3


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European Green Deal, Italian agriculture is moving ahead

Healthy food, reduction climate-changing emissions and pesticides: Italian agriculture is ready to take up the challenge of the European Green Deal, but economic and environmental sustainability must go together. This according to a report from Fieragricola - Nomisma Observatory presented on the eve of the Verona fair
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Professional training, the new challenge in agro-mechanics

The new path announced by the European Commission to reduce the environmental impact of economic activities risks penalizing agriculture, which already fears the reduction of funds destined for the CAP. Modern agricultural machinery is a safeguard for the environment - says the President of FederUnacoma Malavolti - but it also requires scholastic and professional skills to be able to use it effectively
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Tractors, European market growing in 2019

Positive closing balance for the tractor market, which concludes 2019 with an increase of 5% over 2018. The medium-low power ranges, which account for 52% of the more than 191 thousand vehicles sold last year, are growing. The coming months are overshadowed by a great uncertainty: the unknowns linked to the developments of the Covid-19 pandemic
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Mechanization, farms fall back on used machinery

The national tractor market in 2019 stalled at 18,579 units, while sales of used machines soared to 39,800. Brand new vehicles grew by 0.7% in the year compared to a 5.3% increase for second-hand ones. The drop in agricultural incomes (which fell by 2.6% in 2019) reduces the investment capacity of businesses, fuelling a fallback market that worsens the quality and environmental impact of agricultural processes
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Enabling, a model for sustainable development

To deal with the environmental, economic and social crisis, the European Commission has launched the Green Deal, an ambitious programme for sustainable development. Despite the first steps towards the circular economy, the industrial sector in Europe continues to depend excessively on non-renewable raw materials and to emit 20% of greenhouse gases. The transition towards a consistent decarbonisation of the economy requires concrete measures and adequate tools; the Enabling project, coordinated by FederUnacoma and Itabia, is an interesting pilot run

Mechanization: the prospects for development in the Old Continent

The historical task of agricultural mechanization has been to increase productivity and make work less tiring. These basic objectives have been achieved and today Europe offers a particularly advanced agriculture concept. However, new challenges, such as those of the quality and healthiness of production, environmental sustainability, and the reduction of greenhouse gases, call into question agricultural mechanization and envisage a new phase also in terms of research and technological development

Space for agriculture in the Gulf economy

This region’s countries, in particular the United Arab Emirates, are going through a delicate phase due to the conflicts in the Middle East and the effects of the Covid 19 epidemic. This does not stop the socalled Energy Transition, the process of transforming the economy, currently based on oil products, towards new sectors. There are interesting prospects for the agricultural and agri-food chains

Fieragricola, a positive balance for the 2020 edition

The Verona event confirms its role as point of reference for European agriculture. With its big numbers in recent years, thanks to the collaboration with ICE Agenzia and FederUnacoma, this event has increased its international character, also by becoming an important meeting and discussion space on the industry’s central topics

Green machines: stable market in 2019

Sales of green space maintenance machines and equipment held their 2018 levels. After the significant increases recorded in the initial months of 2019, demand decreased in the fourth quarter due to bad weather conditions that blocked maintenance operations. The uncertainties related to Coronavirus are affecting the current year

Agriculture, Colombia focuses on the latest generation technologies

With its sustained growth over many years, Colombia has made significant progress in political and social stabilization, with an expansion of the middle class. Agriculture has an important role, able to count on abundant and diversified resources and on many examples of production excellence. Colombia has the potential to become one of the food baskets of the planet

Agricultural machinery: the age of robots

Electronic systems are now growing exponentially, and the formidable spread of digital products offers particularly beneficial economies of scale. This has very important effects on agriculture "4.0" and on the application of robotics and artificial intelligence in the agricultural machinery sector. What are the limits within which machines can learn and operate, and how can they test their behaviours, in particular when they have to do with human interaction: this is the issue that the sector's industries are already taking on

No-till seeding: benefits for the environment and farm economy

No-till seeding, although still little practiced in Italy, represents a promising solution to contain diesel consumption and increase the sustainability of production. The greatest benefits are obtained in the medium to long term due to the increase in organic matter and soil fertility, and the reduction of erosion

Brush cutter, a multipurpose equipment

By taking advantage of the hydraulic power transmission, brush cutters can work with a considerable outreach compared to the tractors with which they are coupled. It is important to carefully take care of the maintenance of the cutting rotor and follow the procedures that guarantee safety during the execution of the work

Ballasting, to increase grip and stability

It is a widespread practice in agriculture which, if applied correctly, allows the optimization of many processes. Ballasting, which involves the use of several materials, can also be performed on the wheel rims. In recent years, innovative technical solutions made by manufacturers have attracted attention, also winning awards in competitions rewarding technical innovations

AGRI STAR II, the tire that sheds its skin

The new Stratified Layer Technology (SLT), used for AGRI STAR II tires by the Alliance Tire Group, was presented at Fieragricola in Verona. The innovation developed by Alliance technical department, allows their tires to be widely applied to various agricultural...

Landini Series 7-230 Robo-Six: design and performance

In the Landini exhibition rooms, attention was entirely dedicated, the Series 7-230 Robo-Six tractor, which, presented as a world preview to the Fieragricola’s general public, fully met the visitors’ expectations. Moreover, on its top of the range, the Fabbrico team...

BCS motor mowers, at the forefront of safety

With the PowerSafe range’s models, equipped with an oil bath multi-disc hydraulic clutch (a technology that has been used on BCS two-wheel tractors since 2009), the firm of Abbiategrasso (Milan) is anticipating the entry into force of the EU regulations...

Claas Arion and Axion powered by Stage V

2020 marks the debut of the new Stage V engines on the Arion 600 and 500 tractors, and on the Axion 800. The ARION 500 models are now powered by a four-cylinder DPS engine with turbocharger (a smaller wastegate turbocharger...

Faresin 6.26 the green telescopic

The world premiere launch took place in 2018 at EIMA International’s prestigious fair. Later, in February 2019, it was Sima turn in Paris and, in autumn, Agritechnica’s. The close of Faresin Full Electric 6.26 model “roadshow” was, last January, at...

John Deere, 8R range enhanced

The John Deere tractor range becomes broader with the launch of the new 8R series (the official debut was last November in Hanover) thanks to which the US company has raised the bar of performance and comfort even further. Low...

The future of agriculture, according to Kubota

To celebrate the brand’s 130th anniversary, Kubota presented a series of innovative prototypes with electric motors, from the gardening sector to the earthmoving sector, during an event held on January 15th and 16th in Kyoto showing the Japanese brand’s vision...

Primo EW Isotronic, the 4.0 fertilizer spreader

Primo EW Isotronic, Maschio Gaspardo’s mounted electric spreader, wins “Innovation Leaf”, the prize assigned by Fieragricola and the “Informatore Agrario” to the most innovative machinery for their economic and environmental sustainability, manufacturing quality, end user’s ease of use. The new...

CCI 1200, the new Pöttinger terminal

Pöttinger presents the new 12-inch CCI 1200 terminal on the market. The screen offers the user a broad choice of features, and the simple and intuitive touchscreen commands provide a "tablet" experience. An integrated sensor automatically adjusts the brightness of...

An innovative prototype for the cultivation of saffron

Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world. Italy is one of the most important producers (Veneto and Abruzzo regions, Tuscany, Umbria, Sardinia, and Tuscia Viterbo) with a quantity varying from 450 to 600 kg, occupying about 50/55 hectares....

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