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Technical innovations and research strong points of the EIMA exhibition

In addition to the prestigious Technical Innovation Contest, many meetings sponsored by universities, associations and publishing companies are held within the international exhibition of agricultural mechanization. The new frontiers of research and the most advanced technological applications are being described in the appointments of EIMA 2016

by the editorial staff
October - November 2016 | Back

Technological innovation is the password of EIMA International – the exhibition of agricultural mechanization organised by FederUnacoma and held in Bologna Trade Fair Centre from November 9 to 13 – to which are dedicated high-profile initiatives and events. In the foreground is always the Technical Innovation Contest, that is now an institution of the Bologna exhibition. During each edition, the latest technical solutions introduced in production by manufacturers are previewed and awarded at the exhibition. This contest is an impressive evidence of the constant evolution of this branch of industry and of the investments made in order to remain competitive on international markets. Beyond the Technical Innovation Contest, research and innovation are at the centre of the attention of many other initiatives. On Saturday 12 and Sunday 13, will be held the academic conferences of the 27th Meeting of Club of Bologna, the assembly of worldwide experts debating on the new research trends in the field of mechanical engineering, with the focus of attention on new measures and specific technologies for different areas of the world. The General Assembly will conclude its work by conferring the International “Giuseppe Pellizzi Award” to the best PhD Theses in the field of agricultural mechanization. Among the events sponsored by universities, one worth mentioning is the meeting on theme “Information Technologies for Disseminating Innovations in Agriculture: European Testimony”, organised by the Universities of Milan and Turin in cooperation with Cadir Lab srl, scheduled on November 11 morning. Still on the subject of advanced IT and electronic applications and ISOBUS technologies, is the meeting sponsored by AEF (Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation), FederUnacoma and Unacma, on November 11 afternoon at EIMA Desk conference hall (Pav.33b). “Agrarian Mechanics Today: the Challenges of Research and Experimentation” is the title of a seminar sponsored by AIIA, Association of Italian Agricultural Engineering Section III, scheduled on Friday 11 morning. The seminar will be an opportunity for a comprehensive evaluation of the most advanced projects in the sector of mechanical engineering. Other meetings, promoted by specialised publishing companies, refer to specific technical aspects, such as the one on the new frontiers of the motor industry entitled “Horizon Stage V and Over” (Friday November 11 morning), promoted by Diesel magazine; the second on “Meeting Precision Fertigation, Practical and Innovative Features”, managed by Edagricole, held on Friday November 11 morning; and the third on “Economic Convenience and Environmental Sustainability in Precision Agriculture”, promoted by L’informatore Agrario magazine and scheduled on Saturday, November 13 morning. In conclusion, it is important to mention the seminar promoted by Mondo Macchina / Machinery World magazine in collaboration with Assomao and FederUnacoma, scheduled Thursday, November 10 on theme “Sprinkler Irrigation”, presenting a full overview of the most advanced solutions developed by industry in this technological sector, which is strategically linked to a rational water management.

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