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The gardening exhibition, EIMA International's "green oasis"

The exhibition dedicated to machinery and technologies for gardening and groundskeeping will run from November 9 to 13. More than 270 manufacturers will exhibit ranges of merchandise to meet the needs of professionals in the field and hobbyists. The review, open to business people from around the world, will allow a monitoring of the market trends in various geographic areas for differing categories of products

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The world of gardening and groundskeeping will come into its own in November. Industries arriving from all parts of the world specializing in the manufacture of machinery and equipment for the maintenance of lawns, hedges, gardening and sports grounds will be on hand in EIMA Green, the international salon in the sector scheduled for the Bologna Trade Fair Center as a feature of EIMA International, the great agricultural machinery and equipment exposition on stage from November 9 to 13.

Over the EIMA days, more than 240,000 business people are expected from 140 countries. In this setting, the salon focused on gardening will take over three pavilions, 33, 34 and 33 II, for a total exhibition area greater than 13,000 m² allocated to specialized industries presenting their technologies.

Also planned for the Bologna event is a heavy schedule of meetings on various issues and training seminars dealing with the markets plus an occasion for monitoring demand for various product types, on the international markets but also Italian market.

The sales in Italy that last year had reported a 1.3% increase with 1 million 234 units of machinery and equipment sold last year. Sales over the first six months of 2016 confirmed the trend followed in the same period in 2015 and are expected to continue at positive levels equal to those which prevailed in the same period last year.    

A closer look at the general trend discloses differences among the various types of merchandise due to weather conditions determining variations in the growth of plants which can lower or increase demand for machinery for specific operations. In this connection, analyses by Comagarden, the association in FederUnacoma which represents industries in the gardening sector, and Morgan, which compiles statistics in the sector, point to 2016 results in line with last year for mowers and chainsaws with a final balance expected to come to 284,000 and 347,000 units respectively this year, and a 3% increase for brush cutters and cultivators at 259,000 and 32,000 units respectively.

The outlook is also for a decline for snow blowers, down 7% with expectations of 5,600 units sold, as a result of mild winter weather.

During the EIMA Green days interest will also be trained on market prospects for Rideon mowers for hobbyists expected to tumble 9% to 7,300 units. On the other hand, the forecast is for robotic mowers continuing to attracting attention, especially in the amateur sector, to boost sales by 4% to nearly 16,000 units sold by the end of the year. 



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