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Emak, revenues up in 2017

After closing 2017 with a revenue growth of 7.7%, the Emilian company begins the new year by optimizing its factory processes. 2018 will see an increase in investments in technology and innovations. One of the first achieved objectives is the strengthened online presence of the "galaxy" Emak

by Giovanni M. Losavio
April - May 2018 | Back

Emak, an Emilian Group specialized in the production of machines and accessories for the outdoor power equipment sector (trimmers, lawnmowers, tractors) as well as high and very high-pressure poston pumps, closes 2017 with consolidated revenues of 422 million euros, up 7.7% on 2016. This is what emerges from the consolidated financial statements for the 2017 financial year approved in March by the Board of Directors. Thanks to this sprint, in 2017 the company achieved a net result of 16.4 million euros, with a slight decrease compared to the previous year, due to a negative currency management. Meanwhile, the trend was positive for the consolidated net assets, which at 31 December 2017 reached 187.5 million euros, against the approximately 182 million of 2016.

2018 devoted to commercial and production reorganization. On this basis, the Emak Group started 2018 under the banner of great dynamism. At the end of January, the parent company completed the acquisition of Epicenter LLC, a company that distributes Emak products in Ukraine. Also at the beginning of the year, the Reggio Emilia brand launched the reorganization of sales activities in the United States. This involved the High-Pressure Water Jetting pumps and solutions segment, where the Comet USA company sold its industrial pump sector to the Valley company, thus optimizing the overseas logistical, operational and management processes. This broad-ranging streamlining strategy also includes the sale of Raico, a subsidiary of Emak, specialized in the distribution of components and accessories for agricultural tractors, industrial machines and earth-moving equipment. Raico - explains the company from Emilia with a note - was sold to Kramp Srl, an Italian subsidiary of the Dutch distributor Kamp Groep, which offers a complete range of products and services to retailers and workshops in the agriculture, horticulture and forestry sectors. “This operation - said the President of Emak, Fausto Bellamico commenting on the sale - reinforces the existing commercial collaboration between Emak and Kramp. At the same time, we are convinced that joining the Kramp Group represents an excellent opportunity for Raico to further enhance its skills”. There is news also coming from the Bagnolo in Piano production plant (Reggio Emilia) with a voluntary early retirement plan. This plan - explains Emak - at the end of 2018 should lead to the exit of 32 people.

The outlook for 2018. The Reggio Emilia Group has embarked on a path of technological innovation and unification of information systems towards the Microsoft Dynamics AX platform, with the aim of streamlining business processes with a view increasingly oriented towards international markets. According to what has been announced, in the medium term the Group will continue to focus also on investments in innovation and new technologies, applied to both products and production processes, creating value also and above all for end customers. One of the first results of this energetic strategy is the debut of the Group’s new website, completely renewed in the graphics, contents and navigation, and the new website dedicated to the Outdoor Power Equipment segment. These two Internet resources redefine the Emak Group’s online presence in the wake of the launch of the new e-commerce portals of Efco, Oleo-Mac and the Nibbi and Bertolini websites.



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