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Practicality and design of the Emak chainsaws

by the editorial staff
October 2017 | Back

The market debut of the new Emak-branded professional chainsaws for pruning. GST 360 by Oleo-Mac and MTT 3600 by Efco; these are the initials that identify the new models designed for branch removal, felling and for tree-climbing professionals to work at height. These are compact and versatile machines, which are characterized by an excellent weight-to-power ratio and great manoeuvrability. Balancing and ergonomics are ensured by the prestigious signature of Giugiaro, who designed the new chainsaws. The models GST 360 by Oleo-Mac and MTT 3600 by Efco include devices such as the “EasyOn” easy start, which cushions the effect of the professional engine’s compression, providing an effortless start, and the “Air Purge” which eases starting cold and after each refuelling, making the chainsaws more convenient and comfortable to use.

The top performance even in harsh situations is assured by the torque and cutting speed, the adjustable aluminium oil pump and the aluminium bar, which increases the sturdiness and performance during the most demanding cuts.

The “OnBoard” clutch enables the fast mounting of the cutting tool and keeps the clutch cleaner and more durable over time. The large nylon air filter allows for better air intake to the engine, reducing maintenance times.

The “AlwaysOn” switch disengages quickly and the automatic return keeps it always ready to restart the machine. To make the work easier, the folding steel carabiner hook is designed to quickly hook the machine to the operator, while the semi-transparent tanks (oil and mixture) enable a better and more consistent view of the levels, reducing unscheduled stops for refuelling.


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