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Year 2020 Number 4-5

April - May

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Tractors, the pandemic is holding back the market

All major European countries are reporting a significant decrease in tractor sales in April as a result of the coronavirus. Spain, Italy, and the United Kingdom are heavily down; Germany holds. The prespectives of the coming months in a context marked by uncertainty
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Tractors, Italian market impacted by the health emergency

The sales figures for the first part of the year show a collapse in March, characterized by the slowdown in activities and then by the stoppage of production sites. Even with a reopening of the industrial plants, the second half of the year will remain conditioned by the reduction in the volumes produced and by the lower investment capacity of farms

News from fair: EIMA International “doubles”

The great event presenting machines and equipment for agriculture and green area maintenance responds to the health emergency and moves its 44th edition from mid-November 2020 to early February 2021. However, the November rendezvous is not cancelled, turning instead into a digital mega-event, an absolute innovation in the history of the industry’s showcases

Drought: global warming towards new records

The increase in global average temperatures has been ongoing since 1976, with increasing anomalies.The trend also affects Italy, which is located in a particularly fragile region, the Mediterranean, from a climatic point of view. In the Peninsula, the increase in temperatures is accompanied by a rainfall deficit

SCIP database, a complex dossier

The set up of the new database for the inventory of articles containing dangerous substances has begun. In January 2021, it will become mandatory. However, the issues related to the information required and the transmission format are still pending

Mechanization and biomass production: a multimedia training course

As production resumes after the stoppage caused by the pandemic, great opportunities emerge for the green economy, but the primary sector needs workers in the field. With this in mind, the Ministry of Agriculture has funded a training course, available for free online, on the mechanization of the supply chains linked to bioenergy

Hose-reel sprinklers, advanced technology for the water resource

The extensive use of the most advanced electronic and information technologies enables optimized irrigation operations to be carried out, both based on the actual needs of the crop and to achieve rational exploitation of water, a resource that is more and more valuable. Today the market offers a wide choice of reel machines for irrigation, whose features are tailored to the needs of different companies. The sprinkler’s flow rate is an essential variable as the more extensive the covered area, the more significant the overall saving of the operation

Ocmis E-volution: cuts irrigation costs

The last edition of Fieragricola saw the official debut of the E-volution system designed and built by Ocmis, an Emilian company (the headquarters are in Castelvetro di Modena) specialized in the production of self-propelled irrigation machines. E-volution - as the...

Carmobil 3000 4.0, a sprinkler for precision agriculture

Carmobil 3000 4.0 with built-in motor pump and hydraulic feed system is a self-propelled sprinkler designed by Pioggia Carnevali of Porto Mantovano for the cultivation techniques of precision agriculture. It means that this machine is equipped with hardware and software...

Alternative fuels for green machines

The biofuels used for traction are basically bioethanol, biodiesel and biomethane. Unlike traditional biofuels, alkylated fuels are produced to fuel low-power internal combustion engines, both with a 2-stroke cycle and a 4-stroke cycle, and are particularly suitable for machines and tools used in green area maintenance

Tree diggers ensure good rooting

The digging up of tree species must be carried out with a root-ball of a size appropriate to the stage of development of the plant. The newest tree diggers respond well to the needs of this delicate operation

New technical hub for the Emak Group

The historic Emak headquarters in Bagnolo in Piano (RE) gain a new technical centre, a cutting-edge building that responds to new working needs, as well as the safety standards imposed by the emergency linked to Covid-19. The new structure covers...

Cyclone C28 lawn mower, precise and functional

In the field of green area maintenance, the Veronese company Rotomec (the headquarters are in Nogara) offers the Cyclone C28 model, among others. As the Veneto company explains in a technical note, this is a lawn mower for tractors between...

Industrial tomatoes mechanized harvesting

The tomato production plays a significant role in Italy both because of the strong territorial vocation and because of the availability of sophisticated machinery for its harvesting. The sector provides a wide variety of solutions, with different types of heads, and the implementation of electronic systems enables increasingly better crop selections

Operator protection in phytosanitary treatments

Crop protection uses products that are harmful, in many forms, to the human organism. It is, therefore, necessary to adopt and scrupulously apply the Personal Protective Equipment designed for this purpose

Rubber tracks for large agricultural machinery

Rubber tracks had a time success record on the market thanks to their several advantages; they can equip both small tractors and large self-propelled agricultural machinery. In the latter case, they are technically quite complex devices

From garden to components, the whole AMA range

Among Ama’s from San Martino in Rio (Reggio Emilia) bestsellers for the gardening sector, there is a robot lawnmower for lawn carpets maintenance with an extension of up to 600 square meters. It is the Kress KR100 model, a machine...

Air and Protector 100 cabins by Antonio Carraro

New cabins for Antonio Carraro tractors. We are talking about the Air and Protector 100 models, fitted on the R Series and the Tony range, produced directly in the Venetian company’s factories. The Air cabin can be mounted on Mach...

Quick Up, the new Capello conveyor

Quick Up is the name of a modular conveyor that allows you to connect the same maize head with a self-propelled forage harvester to produce maize mash or a combine to harvest the grain. Previewed at Agritechnica 2019 and officially...

The off-road grip of Caron transporters

Two new series of transporters for the Italian and foreign markets. Created by Caron from Pianezze (Vicenza), they expand its catalogue with a line of rugged and versatile machines designed for use in the forestry, agricultural and municipal sectors. The...

Carraro, the latest generation electric

At the Conexpo in Las Vegas (10-14 March), one of the most important global exhibitions dedicated to the construction machinery sector, Carraro of Campodarsego (Padua) presented its latest generation solutions for electric-powered equipment. The company from Veneto can boast over...

E/P rotary tiller by Celli, light in the rice fields

A new solution for tilling rice fields is on the market, made by Celli. It’s called E/P and it expands the range of rotary tillers offered by the company from Forlì. This folding model was developed from the fixed version...

BL2/EX/VT, a mulcher for demanding jobs

FAE expands the range of professional mulchers for excavators equipped with Bite Limiter technology. This is a market segment in which the Fondo (Trento) company is already present with the BL1/EX model, which has quickly become one of the most...

AutoSetup from John Deere: all in the cloud

A new system is now available that allows farmers to manage and store all the settings of their tractors and implements in the cloud. It is John Deere’s AutoSetup, with which operators can easily retrieve settings when they start working...

Kubota M6002: power and comfort

Kubota’s new M6002 series was presented to the public for the first time in February, at the FIMA in Zaragoza. This series, consisting of the models M6122, M6132 and M6142, was created as an effective solution for those who work...

Elika1P, a compact low-noise pump

Elika1P, one of the latest models developed by Mazzocchi Pompe (the headquarters are in the Bologna area, in Casalecchio di Reno), makes its debut on the American market. This is a low-noise pump that the Emilian company had already previewed...

Sowing precision, the UNI-SEEDER photocell arrives

In the precision agriculture sector, one of the latest innovations introduced by MC Elettronica is the UNI-SEEDER model. It is a universal photocell which, unlike others on the market, offers the user the option to modify the operating configuration (and...

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