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TOTY, the finalists' show at EIMA

The 44th edition of the Bologna-based event will host the Tractor of the Year awards ceremony and feature a "parade" of the fourteen finalist models. A new outdoor arena will be set up to present the competing machines. The Tractor competition is pushing the sector towards increasingly advanced technologies

by the editorial staff
July-August-September 2021 | Back

EIMA International 2021 focuses on new products and offers a wide-ranging showcase for Tractor of the Year, the prestigious competition promoted by Trattori magazine that selects the best models among those produced during the year, awarding the prizes to the winners in various categories.

During EIMA, the great exhibition of agricultural machinery held at the Bologna trade fair from 19 to 23 October, the awards ceremony will be held for the four models - Tractor of the Year, Best Utility, Best of Specialized and Sustainable TOTY - that emerged as the winners on the basis of votes cast by an international jury of 26 journalists from trade publications.

However, the Tractor of the Year event is not limited to the award ceremony, as it will be a major attraction throughout the five days of the event, thanks to the show dedicated to the finalists. It will be one of the most interesting new features of this edition of EIMA.

Within the exhibition complex, in the area between Halls 37 and 35, an open-air arena with grandstand, barriers and a green area will be set up to display the finalist tractors.

The fourteen models that competed for the "Tractor of the Year" award will also be on display in motion while their technical features are described by a speaker.

Participating in TOTY represents an important promotional and marketing tool for manufacturers, and reveals the competitiveness of the tractor sector, which is able to develop substantial technological innovations every year, improve vehicle performance and capture new user segments.



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