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InPulse, AMA technology for 4.0 agriculture

by Fabrizio Sereni
July - August - September 2017 | Back

InPulse came away from EIMA International 2016 with a New Techniques prize and the innovative modular OpenPlatform system was more recently a major feature at the EIMA Show agricultural machinery field trials. InPulse collects and and elaborates great quantities of data for the remote management of applications in the sectors of agriculture, construction and industry and the movement of materials. The system was created through the collaboration of AMA Octo Telematics and Ste Industries by combining an articulated suite of intelligent sensors, given the name Seed, which gathers data in the field, transmits them to CPUs which then, via a modem, are made available to a data center for analyses. The information elaborated by the CPU is accessible on the InPulse platform for consulting on a laptop, tablet or onboard instruments. InPulse makes it possible to apply remote management to operations in the field to optimize the performance of machinery and eliminate risk of crop damage. The platform also recommends useful information on irrigation and spraying.

All these tasks can be performed thanks to the InStation and InGate independent instruments, which do not require electricity feed, equipped with buried sensors detecting vital parameters and weather sensors reporting soil humidity, air temperature and wind speed. If transmitted in real time, these InStation and InGate data allow the operator to intervene quickly and efficiently. Another strong point for this technology is that the interface can be personalized to allow the end-user to access, immediately read and understand the data disclosed to select soil values and manage alarms. In summary, using the telematic solution for the control and management of Off-Highway vehicles ensures better management of all the costs involved in agricultural machinery whether owned by the end-user or leased.


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