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Inpulse: telematic technology for Off-Highway vehicles management

AMA unveiled the new Inpulse management system at Bauma in Munich. Inpulse was created through collaboration with Octo Telematics and Ste Industries for increasing data and analyses at the service of the end-user, and operators

by Fabrizio Sereni
May - June 2016 | Back

In the sector of telematic solutions for off-highway agricultural and construction vehicles for earthmoving and logistics, AMA in San Martino in Rio, near Reggio Emilia, launched the INPULSE management system at the recent Bauma Construction and Building Ma­terials Trade Fair in Munich. INPULSE Of­f-Highway telematics was created to monitor machinery equipment and ga­ther and analyze critical data from vehicles and equipment made available to end-users, fleet owners OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers). The system consists of a GreenBox hardware platform integrated with a suite of sensors. INPULSE was devised through the collaboration of AMA, Octo Telematics specializing in telematic services for insurance companies and automobile manufacturers and STE Industries, at work in the sector of wireless technologies. An AMA technical communique said INPULSE technology is interfaced with an Octo Telematics data center which receives data gathered by wireless or wired modular sensors located on the vehicle whereas the Kernel Module processor incorporated with the GreenBox platform analyzes the information and makes it available to partners, OEM, fleet management, insurance companies, for compiling analytic reports. In summary, the solution arrived at by AMA for off-highway vehicles bridges the gap between local and remote infrastructure connectivity and is especially advantageous as regards reporting as well as data sharing and cloud data storage protection. Another strong point is the GreenBox platform equipped with a CAN-BUS portal with the ISOBUS stack and J1939 for connecting to wired sensors, optimizing energy consumption of the processor, as well as to wireless sensors. Moreover, the small lithium-ion batteries are equipped with devices to ensure a lifespan for operation of up to ten years. AMA President Alessandro Malavolti said, “Thanks to the partnerships with Octo Telematics and STE Industries, both leaders in their markets, we have been able to produce an innovative telematic solution for the management of off-highway vehicles. The drive behind motivation was the need to optimize the structure of our partners’ costs and the strong technological innovation demand in a market always looking to the future, as is ours.”


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