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Year 2022 Number 3-4


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Market growth but with productions risks

During 2022, the Italian agricultural machinery market should maintain good levels, also due to the presence of incentives and financing. On the industrial front, however, the cost of raw materials and energy is likely to curb production and substantially increase machinery prices
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Agricultural machineries, Italian export goes up

Global growth in the agricultural machinery market is also driving Italian exports, which are up 20.8% in the tractor segment and 19.8% in the operating machinery and equipment segment. 2022 has many unknowns, mainly related to the consequences of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine
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4.0 Credit, new terms

The "Milleproroghe" decree shifts from June to December the deadlines for the delivery of mechanical equipment with digital systems, and maintains the same relief percentages in force in 2021 for the current year. The postponement of the deadlines makes it possible to respect the delivery times of the vehicles, overcoming the difficulties that agro-mechanical industries may have in supplying energy and raw materials
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Digital agriculture, the italian boom

Public incentive tools are contributing to the growth of agriculture 4.0 in Italy. Between 2020 and 2021 the turnover of the digital market tripled, rewarding in particular expenditure on machines and equipment connected natively. As investments in 'smart' systems have grown, so has their spread: today 6% of the agricultural surface area is cultivated with smart technologies
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EIMA 2022, a global experience

The 45th edition of the international exhibition of agricultural machinery was presented in Verona. Very positive feedback in terms of bookings and demand for exhibition areas. Very intense promotional activity abroad and numerous innovations, from informative areas for the Digital sector to field tests of gardening machines. Innovation always in the foreground, with a pre-EIMA day entirely dedicated to the presentation and award ceremony of the Technical Innovation Contest

Supplies alarm: the agro-energetic alternative

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine is taking its toll in human, economic and social terms. In addition to the direct consequences of the war, there are also the consequences of rising agri-food prices caused by soaring fuel and fertiliser prices. Circular economy and renewable sources are key to combating food insecurity and energy prices

Gardening machineries, good outcome from the 2021 market

All the main product types closed with a profit. Significant increases were recorded for trimmers (+21.6%), chainsaws (+15.1%) and lawn mowers (+12.9%). Sprayers, which are also used for sanitisation during the most critical moments of the pandemic emergency, went against the trend, down 33.8%. A total of 1,660,148 units were sold in 2021, including self-propelled machines, powered equipment and hand tools

Technologies and system for the right management of public green

Urban green areas are increasingly considered as necessary infrastructure to improve the quality of life and enrich the biodiversity of built-up areas. In Italy the average availability of urban green areas is about 30-40 m2 per inhabitant, but with significant territorial differences

Emak, the new H series pruners

New products from Emak. The company based in Bagnolo in Piano (Reggio Emilia) is christening the Oleo-Mac PPH 250 and Efco PTH 2500 H series pole pruners, easy to manoeuvre, lightweight yet powerful tools designed for cutting and pruning branches...

From aeronautic to agro-mechanical, the story of Fieni industries

Giovanni Fieni's entrepreneurial story goes back a long way. It began during the Second World War, when he served in the Italian Air Force as an airman engine driver. In those dramatic years for Italian history, the Bolognese airman would...

Landini Style: aesthetics and functionality

First at EIMA International 2021 and then at Fieragricola 2022, Argo Tractors presented the entire range of Landini tractors - from the top of the 7 series to the specialized and the compact - distinguished by a new design. This...

Seppi M, a high sustainability plant

After several years of planning and construction, the new production facility of Seppi M, a company from Caldaro (Bolzano) specialising in the manufacture of shredders, cutters and stone crushers, was completed last February. The creation of the new facility, for...

Signalling panels Sirena branded

Fom the automotive sector to the industrial and agro-mechanical sectors, Sirena (based in Rosta, in the province of Turin) has made a name for itself on the market with the design and production of acoustic and light signalling systems. In...

Enoliexpo: vines and olives in the spotlight

Machines and services for oil and wine production at the heart of Enoliexpo, the restart fair for the Levante exhibition centre after the pandemic. Organisers and exhibitors were satisfied with the success of the event. The next appointment is already scheduled for 2024

Savigliano: a new start with innovations and confirmations

Leonardo's Vitruvian man at the centre of a mechanical gear is the new symbol of the exhibition dedicated to agricultural mechanisation in Savigliano, underlining the role of human ingenuity in the creation of the machines and equipment that are the stars of the show, which was set up at the beginning of the 1980s and is a reference point for the sector in north-western Italy
EIMA Campus

Precision winegrowing, management costs

Precision viticulture is fundamental to improving Italian viticulture's economic and environmental viability, which is currently undergoing significant expansion. Investing in the latest generation of mechanical equipment is challenging for this type of cultivation, but it quickly pays for itself

Irrigation controllers for gardening

Horticultural nurseries, greehouses, public and private parks, road trees, gardens, sports fields and golf courses, etc. There are many areas where irrigation controllers are successfully used in conjunction with a wide range of sensors for better management of watering operations

Tractors with steel tracks

Italy is one of the main producers of 'classic' tracked agricultural tractors, i.e. those fitted with steel tracks. In fact, due in part to the orography of the land and the characteristics of Italy's agricultural soils, there is a constant demand for these tractors, which is met by Italian manufacturers. The current models, "heirs" of the glorious track models of the post-war period, offer good performance, an excellent level of technology and a clear improvement in driver comfort

Full maneuverability between rows

In specialized crops, the need to work without operational limitations implies the availability of highly evolved tractors in terms of steering devices. An overview of the original and partly new solutions available on the market

Claas Trion, versatile combined harvesters

The Claas Trion mid-range series of combines has been awarded the Farm Machine 2022 prize by a jury of international journalists and experts. The prize, which is normally awarded during Agritechnica in Hanover, was awarded online this year following the...

Emiliana Serbatoi, a product range for biodiesel

Important news for Emiliana Serbatoi, which offers the international market a range of tanks specifically designed for use with biodiesel, in the various blends, also in the B100 version (the number indicates the percentage of biodiesel contained in the diesel)....

New fuels for Kohler engines

HVO stands for Hydrotreating of Vegetable Oils and is a paraffin-based fuel produced from vegetable and animal waste oils which, unlike biodiesel, does not use agricultural resources and does not affect deforestation. Kohler Engines, which manufactures a wide range of...

McCormick X6 Xtrashift, a whole load of technology

Performance, versatility, design, comfort. The new McCormick X6 Xtrautility line features a Stage V engine with DOC-DPF-SCR technology. The two range models are powered by the F36 3.6-liter, 16-valve engine: The X6.125, capable of delivering 119 horsepower, and the X6.135...

Mecaplast, new polymers for "metal replacement"

Mecaplast of Ghiardo di Bibbiano (Reggio Emilia) can boast over forty years of specialisation in the plastic injection moulding sector. The experience gained since 1976, the in-depth knowledge of polymers and the technologically advanced production plants allow the company to...

Merlo: High Capacity brand new models

New entry for Merlo's High Capacity telehandlers. The range, designed for the most demanding operations and for handling heavy loads, sees the update of two models: the TF50.8 and the TF45.11, which replace those of equal capacity in Merlo's range....

New Holland, the performances of the Pro-Belt series

New Holland is expanding its range of variable chamber round balers with the new Pro-Belt Series. Designed based on feedback from New Holland customers, the Pro-Belt has undergone extensive field testing around the world. The main features found by the...

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