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Year 2022 Number 7-9

July - August - September

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Production up, but the cost variable weighs heavily

The value of Italian production of machinery for agriculture, green care and related components will grow to EUR 13.7 billion in 2021. The made-in-Italy production is driven largely by foreign demand, which leads to a growth in our exports of 20.5% in 2021, and 9.7% in the first quarter of this year. Soaring production costs, however, risk slowing down current production rates and also affecting the list prices of machinery on the market
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First half-year down, confirmed sales volumes

Between January and June, the italian agricultural machinery market recorded a downturn for all the main types of machinery, but confirmed sales volumes above the average of the last four years. FederUnacoma: lively demand, decline due to problems in the supply chain. Variables relating to raw materials and the geopolitical scenario are weighing on the rest of the year
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Conflict in Ukraine: the new order of agriculture

A debate on the effects that the military crisis is having on the geography of agricultural production and the machinery market was held in Bologna as part of the FederUnacoma Annual General Meeting. With a message from the Minister of Agriculture Stefano Patuanelli, a debate was opened with the participation of Carlo Cottarelli, Dario Fabbri, Paolo De Castro and the president of the agricultural machinery manufacturers Alessandro Malavolti
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Istat Census, a snapshot of Italian agriculture

The Italian Office for National Statistics has released the initial data from the agricultural census of the country, which shows a decrease in the number of active farms which are, however, larger. The total number of farmers is decreasing, with many farm managers still over 75 years of age and greater recourse to non-family labour. The focus on innovation is growing, especially in the agro-mechanical field

Agricultural machinery for India, the success of EIMA Agrimach

Positive results for the seventh edition of the exhibition dedicated to innovative machinery and technologies for crops from the Subcontinent. Over 10,000 visitors over the three days of the exhibition, which has already set the next edition for December 2023

Tractors: sales 'boom' in India

The Asian giant will surpass one million registered units in 2021, establishing itself as by far the most active country in the agricultural machinery market. The figures - released during EIMA Agrimach India - describe a market that has more than doubled in the ten-year period 2009-2019, and today has a clear advantage over the - also very substantial - markets of China, the United States and Europe

EIMA Agrimach, spotlights on made in Italy

15 Italian industries in the agro-mechanical sector took part, directly or through their local distributors, in the seventh edition of EIMA Agrimach. An important business opportunities on the Indian market for Italian agricultural machinery

EIMA 2022, the events on the programme

As the event approaches, the calendar of events and thematic in-depth analyses taking place over the five days from 9 to 13 November takes shape. The 45th edition of the Bologna event promises to be very rich in content: in the foreground, in addition to workshops, conventions and technical seminars, major political issues and scenario analyses. The climate emergency and 4.0 technologies will also be at the centre of the exhibition

DemoGreen, green 'on the move'

The 2022 edition of DemoGreen, the demonstration event for gardening machinery and equipment, organised by DemoGreen srl, will be held at the Novegro Exhibition Complex (Segrate) on 16 and 17 September. The event includes the participation of 50 brands and...

Stores, rooftops and parking lots: urban spaces to be "greened"

Current trends in urban design include green roofs on buildings and highly visited places, such as shopping centers. One of the experiences had a supermarket in Florence that replaced the ventilation system with a sort of greenhouse for air exchange

Reliability and performance for the new Emak brushcutters

aunches the new 50.9 cm3 H series brushcutters. These are the Oleo-Mac BCH 500 and Efco DSH 5000 models, featuring top level engine performance and linear torque even at low revs. According to the ReggioEmilia-based company, these features make these...

Pellenc, a 2022 full of novelties

2022 sees Pellenc launch new products in the cordless equipment segment, starting with the Helion 3 hedge trimmer with ULiB 750 battery, which offers ample working autonomy. The sturdy and versatile machine is equipped with three interchangeable blades that -...

Autonomous robots, a competition to test their performance

The first official competition of autonomous robots for weeding field crops was held in Montoldre (France) from 7 to 10 June. The event, called ACRE (Agri-food Competition for Robot Evaluation) was organised by the Politecnico di Milano and the Department...

Enovitis: technology in the vineyard

Last June, the Friuli hills hosted the travelling event Enovitis in Campo with demonstration trials of specialised tractors and machinery and equipment for vineyard planting, plant protection and nutrition, soil and canopy management, harvesting, irrigation, biomass management and recovery, and control and detection systems for precision viticulture

Superintensive olive growing: mechanized harvesting

Olive harvesting systems were developed since after World War II and are now highly efficient. Historical experiences in the field, different types of machines, and new technologies that match the plant structure and efficiently replace labor

Agro-photovoltaics, technologies for harmonic agricultural land management

Growing demand for electricity and increased attention to sustainable solutions have led to increased areas dedicated to photovoltaic installations. One of the main challenges for the coming years will be the coexistence between areas covered by photovoltaic panels and land used for agricultural production

Tree transplanters

The models available on the market today can significantly increase transplanting productivity and quality. Transplanters are technologies used for interventions on all types of plants. They can be supported with ISOBUS systems and also complemented with localized irrigation technologies

Mini plants for biogas production

On small to medium-sized livestock farms, anaerobic digestion holds interesting and largely unexplored opportunities. The technologies available today make the energy conversion plant economically viable, thus helping to reduce dependence on fossil fuels

Claas, 25th anniversary of the Xerion series

Il was a milestone for the Claas brand, which launched in that year the first tractor in the Xerion series. The Xerion 2500 was equipped with a six-cylinder Caterpillar engine with 250 horsepower and a continuously variable transmission HM08, also...

Kverneland: an international press event

Back in attendance at last, Kverneland Group wanted to show the progress of its operations and the latest Kverneland and Vicon innovations to the international press, choosing Italy as the location. A large group of journalists from all over the...

MultiOne: young and innovation company

MultiOne is a young Vicenza-based company - it was founded in the second half of the 1990s in Grumolo delle Abbadesse - that in the space of just a few years, thanks to heavy investment in research and development, has...

Range extension for the Alliance 590

New sizes for the Alliance 590 tyre, designed by Yokohama Off-Highway Tires, join the 560/60R22.5 model with the following additional versions: 600/55R26.5, 650/60R26.5, 650/55R26.5, 600/60R30.5, 650/65R30.5, 710/50R30.5 and 750/60R30.5. The 590 is a heavy duty flotation radial tyre, designed for...

Perfect Green, a professional range for green areas

Perfect Green is a range of professional equipment for the care and maintenance of green areas. It is produced by Bellon Mit srl of Cadoneghe (Padua), and this full line further consolidates its position in the segment of machinery for...

FL 695, the long-life tyre from BKT

BKT is adding the FL 695 to its range of tyres, designed by the Indian group's engineers for the agro-industrial sector, in particular for trailers used in construction work and agricultural transport. The new radial tyre, offered in size 650/55...

Trincione 290 Argini, compactness and reliability

The Trincione 290 Argini is one of the flagships of the Paduan company Ceccato Olindo, which has its headquarters in Arsego di San Giorgio delle Pertiche. Founded in the late 1800s and initially active in the ironworking sector, the...

Facma: groundbreaking solutions for chestnut cultivation

Facma is a company based in Vitorchiano (Viterbo, Italy) that has been designing and manufacturing technologies for nuts, including chestnut cultivation, for 50 years. Michela Bellachioma, the daughter of one of the founders of the Viterbo-based company, speaking at a...

A new stump grinder for FAE's crawler machine

FAE is expanding the range of equipment available for the PT-175 tracked vehicle with the introduction of the new 200/SC stump grinder. Compact and agile in maneuvering, the new machine is made for stump removal in a variety of work...

John Deere 5G Series: comfort and power between the rows

for John Deere's 5G series, which sees the debut of five new models in GV, GN, GF and GL configurations equipped with the five-speed Eco PowerReverser Hi-Lo transmission. The Eco PowerReverser Hi-Lo - says a company note - allows the...

Kubota's 'specialised' sprayers

Kubota launches a new range of high value crop sprayers. Six models have been produced by the Japanese manufacturer - XTA21, XTA22, XTA24, XTA31, XTA33, XTA63 - designed to perform precise and sustainable treatments, modulated to the specific needs of...

Landini 6H T-Tronic, high performance utility

Landini debuts the 6H T-Tronic SERIES, a line of utility tractors designed to combine performance, versatility, design and comfort. In this product range, the manufacturer from Fabbrico (Reggio Emilia) offers two models - the 6-125H with 119 horsepower and the...

The restyling of Activa combines

Massey Ferguson has renewed its Activa straw-walker combines, a line of machines designed to work with a wide range of crops, including rice, maize, soybean and grains. Three models make up the range: the flagship 260-horsepower Activa 7344, the 226-horsepower...

Mergento VT 9220, quality haymaking

Pöttinger is launching the new Mergento VT 9220 semi-mounted belt rake, designed for use with alfalfa and clover as well as other types of crops. Mergento - emphasises a technical note from the manufacturer - has been designed to respect...

New Traxion 70: Traction power in 25 versions

The choice of the right tyre is becoming increasingly important in agricultural work, and to meet this growing expectation, India's Apollo Tyres has developed a new version of the Traxion+ tyre - Traxion 70 - produced under the Vredestein brand...

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